Monday, July 2, 2018

Leathered Life: 'Sarah & The Girls- in Miss Sixty Black Leather Jeans'

Source:Leathered Life- Sexy blonde, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.
"Sarah and the girls in Miss Sixty leather pants." Originally from Leathered Life. The video has since been blocked or deleted on YouTube. 

Sarah is one of the baby models (as I call her) over at Leathered Life. She's absolutely adorable like a little girl, but she looks great in black leather jeans, with tight round bootie, and nice legs.

Source:Leathered Life- Model Sarah. 
The first 10-20 seconds of this video with the sexy, baby-faced blonde, is the only part of this video that I'm interested. Gorgeous, sexy, baby-face blonde, in these tight Miss Sixty leather jeans, with her big round butt almost looking she's sticking her big bootie into the camera and asking the cameraman ( or woman ) to touch her big butt or something. And then they show a bunch of women in leather leggings, which I'm just not into.

Similar to denim when it comes to leather pants on women, I'm only interested in jeans. Not leggings or trousers. Leather leggings or denim leggings, look like something women would wear to the gym. But if you really want to know what a woman's legs look like and what kind of body she has, check her out in skin-tight jeans whether they're denim or in this sexy blonde's case's Miss Sixty black leather jeans, with a tank top and boots, who is very proud of her body and perhaps even wants people to check her out.

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