Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lynxsa: Janet Jackson- 'Melbourne, Australia- November, 2011'

Source:Lynxsa- Up Close and Personal with Janet Jackson, in 2011.
Source:The Daily Journal

"Clips from Janet Jackson's fantastic Number Ones concert, 3 November 2011 at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne"  

From Lynxsa 

Janet Jackson literally is one of the sexiest dancers of all-time. She has a great body, great style as far as showing off her body and great moves. Plus she has the music and that is what you get from a Janet Jackson show is a woman who is a musical dancer. 

Janet is truly is a musical artist and if you're looking for a performer who sits on a stool or stands on stage and sings, but rarely moves other than to acknowledge their audience or band and perhaps their fans, Janet Jackson would be one of the last performers that you would want to go see. She's not somebody you want to watch if you're trying to fall asleep and perhaps want a slow show to finish you off and knock you out. 
If anything Janet is an extra caffeinated Dr. Pepper or Starbucks drink for people who need to study for three exams in one night. 

Even if you don't like Janet's music, I believe you have to at least give her credit for bringing a lot of energy to her shows and for her effort. She is someone who brings a lot to her shows even if you don't like her performances. 

Nina Davisson: Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle: Seattle (2011)

Source:Nina Davisson- Up Close & Personal with Janet Jackson, from Seattle, Washington, in 2011.
Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet Jackson Pleasure Principle Seattle 2011. McCaw Hall Seattle 8/29/2011
no copyright infringement intended."

Janet Jackson brings so much energy to her performances. When she's is not performing, she must be spending all her free time in the gym working out. Perhaps she's eating energy bars all the time and has a Starbucks kitchen in her house and drink all the caffeine all she wants. I think she would've made a hell of a pro athlete had she decided to go down that road instead of music. Music's huge loss and would have been pro sports great gain.

As far as The Pleasure Principle: it's not one of my favorite songs. Sure! The video is great and very sexy watching Janet dance around in those tight, black Guess denim jeans, with that body. And it's great to see her perform that song live or on video. But the song itself, I don't believe is great music. And maybe that is just me not picking up the point of the song. But that is how I feel about it as a music fan especially an R&B/classic rock fan who has been following Janet Jackson since junior high which for me goes back to the late 1980s. But she always looks and sounds great performing. 

As far as Janet Jackson's performance from Seattle, Washington in 2011: I've only seen a few videos on YouTube of that concert, like The Pleasure Principle. But I only focus on her dancing and physical performance of that song. Why? Because again it's not a great song. But to watch one of the best musical dancers Planet Earth has ever produced and to watch her perform that dancing and song, in those skin-tight, black denim, skinny, Levi's jeans and boots, with tight black shirt and short white jacket, with her body, I mean do you real need me to add anything else to this? Forget the song with her dancing like that in that outfit, with that body. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Janet Video: Janet Jackson- That's The Way Love Goes & If- Live 1993

Source: Janet Videos-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

Janet Jackson is a beautiful baby-faced adorable woman who have never looked more than half her age (at least according to her face) with a great body and has always been proud of that. That is what I get from this 1993 performance of her. With basically wearing nothing more than a bra, to go with her tight denim jeans and wearing black leather boots as well. With dancers wearing the same thing. A very common look today with musical performers especially beautiful women, but Janet doing this in the early 1990s and not only looking this way, but showing herself off on stage in front of her audience and I bet in front of a lot of young men as well. Janet's sexuality has always been a big part for her shows, because she's always been a very sexy woman and she loves to dance and combines those two characteristics very well. A very beautiful sexy woman with a great personality, to go long with a lot of talent as a performer. And is someone who always gives her fans more than their money's worth.
Janet Videos: Janet Jackson- That's The Way Loves Goes & If- Live 1993

Vovan Chel: Janet Jackson- Together Again Live

Source:Vovan Chel- Janet Jackson live and in concert from Hawaii, in 2001.
Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet JACKSON - Together Again (live)" 

From Vovan Chel

What I get from this song is how cute Janet Jackson sounds singing this song. The voice sounds like the voice of a little girl, but she sounds real good and looks real good singing like a beautiful sexy woman instead of a little girl. I believe that is just part of her being so adorable naturally where she can still come off as a little girl even in her forties (very similar to Raquel Welch) when Janet is in her seventies, she'll still come off as a very young woman. With her face, voice and body. Assuming she stays on course and continues to do such a great job of taking care of herself. 

Janet is the cutest R&B singer of her generation. And yet she's also one of the best if not the best, because she has such a sweet voice as well as a good message and is able to be very entertaining and sexy and yet communicate a great message of love and tolerance. 

In an era where America is so divided where you have one part of the country that is use to running everything on their own, with so many other different Americana emerging and ready to take their claim and be part of America as well. With the old guard not ready to lose power even as they are.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Trish Byonic: Janet Jackson's- 'Number Ones Tour in Melbourne- 3/11/2011'

Source:Trish Byonic- Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, in Melbourne, Australia. At risk of giving out too much personal info: checking her out on that stool in that outfit, makes me real hot.
Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet Jackson @ Number One's Tour Melbourne - 03.11.2011" 

From Trish Byonic

Janet Jackson Up Close and Personal Down Under. I guess that could be taken in a sexual way, because Janet is a very sexual sexy woman, but Melbourne is a big city in Australia and it is down under. Janet of course is from America where she was born and raised. (Gary, Indiana to be precise) But she's an international performer who is also popular in Europe and Asia, including Australia.

She's reached the level of Whitney Houston I believe as far as how popular and now talented she is as part of that generation. Entertainers born in the 1960s and 1970s, Generation X which is also my generation. Because again because of how multi-talented she is and how physically attractive. Great singer, great writer, great dancer, very intelligent woman who is also a great communicator. A beautiful baby-faced adorable woman with great style and never afraid to show herself off and beautiful a performer she really is. And is someone who'll probably be perfuming live for another thirty-years or more if she chooses to. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Patrick Knup: Janet Jackson- Pleasure Principle: Rhythm Nation Tour (1990) in Tokyo

Source:Patrick Knupp- Janet Jackson, live in Tokyo in 1990. 
Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet Jackson - 06 Pleasure Principle - Rhythm Nation Tour Tokyo" 

From Patrick Knapp

I think the Rhythm Nation album is Janet Jackson's best album. Black Cat is a great classic rock song is also a great video. Love Will Never Do is a great love song. (If that is what you're looking for) The tour and concerts are great (not that I ever went to one) just from seeing them on YouTube. 

Whatever you think of Janet Jackson and I'm a fan, but not her biggest fan, I believe you have to give her credit for being a great live performer. She's a great entertainer, because she has the voice, she looks great, beautiful, adorable, great body, she moves so well and is a great dancer. 

But The Pleasure Principle similar to Justin Timberlake's I'm Bringing Sexy Back song, I just don't get the point of it. Where did sexy ever go and what is The Pleasure Principle. Great video and again she looks great doing it performing it with her singing and dancing. But what's the point of the song? Or is it just some pop culture catch phrase that she was hoping would catch on and just rely on that. Instead of thinking it was a real song with real substance.

G Irafe: Janet Jackson- Melbourne (2011)

Source:G Irafe- Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, in Melbourne, Australia.

Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet concert Melbourne nov 3 2011. G J B and Janet."  

From G Irafe

To be completely honest with you: I don't watch Janet Jackson in concert (well actually on my computer) because I believe she's a great singer and go out-of-my-way to see and hear her sing when I get the opportunity. I do like some of her songs like Black Cat and a few others, but what really gets my attention about her is how she moves and how she plays to her audience. How she gets her crowd involved, moves around the stage and of course Janet Jackson as the dancer. 

Janet is simply one of the most talented, sexiest and best dancers and entertainers in the business today regardless of what style of music you're talking about. She's always in great shape, she's very talented and creative as a dancer and she knows these things and is more than happy letting her fans (perhaps especially guys) see her perform on stage. 

People always get their money worth and they go to Janet's shows and see her online, because she's such a great entertainer and a sexy dancer. And that is what brings me back to her over and over.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elle: Janet Jackson Together Again- Adelaide, Australia 2011

Source:Elle- Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, in Adelaide, Australia.
Source:The Daily Journal 

"Janet performs Together Again and includes a small tribute to MJ as well as spoken word introductions and thank yous.... 

From Elle

Janet Jackson the great sexy dancer. That is exactly what she is, because she's always in great shape at least when she's performing and moves so well and knows exactly how to move. And always surrounds herself with other great sexy dancers and apparently isn't worried about being shown up and outperformed. 

Janet of course has her great style and how she looks. A beautiful baby-faced adorable woman who has a great woman's body even if she's as cute as a little girl. A woman who loves tight jeans and tight denim and looks great in them with that great body and style. And not afraid to let the world know how sexy she is and how well she moves. 

Whatever you think of Janet's music and I'm not exactly the president of her fan club, because I don't like all of her songs, but she's a hell of a performer. Because she has such a sweet voice and always an interesting message and moves so gracefully and looks so sexy. She's one of the best performers not just from her generation, but I believe who has ever lived.

Shawns Girl 69: Janet Jackson Runaway- Sydney, Australia- 5/11/2011

Source:Shawns Girl 69- Up Close and Personal, with Janet Jackson.
Source:The Daily Journal

"Janet Jackson performs Runaway at the Sydney Opera House on her number ones up close and personal tour."

Up Close and Personal from 2011. Janet Jackson's greatest hits album and even tribute album to her fans, as well as herself. At this point she had already had twenty-five years in the music business as a singer and already had three great successful albums. Control from 1986-87, Rhythm Nation from 1989-90 and Janet from 1993-94. 

Janet is about 9-10 years older than I am so this is first album that I got to see from her as an actual adult. What you also see from Up Close and Personal is a new style. She was big on black denim jeans and black boots in the early 1990s and even black shirts. But she really went hard-core with that this decade and made black tight t-shirts, with black Levi's, black military boots, a black studded belt, a huge part of her look. 

With Janet's body and great ability as a dancer she really makes the black T on denim with boos look fly. Where guys such as myself not only want to hear her sing, but see her move and check her out. Because she really is a beautiful baby-faced adorable woman with a  great body. And hasn't lost a thing physically in twenty-five years.

Lifetime: The Boy Next Door (2008) Starring Dina Meyer

Source: SJ Klein - Dina Meyer and Woody Jeffreys. "The Boy Next Door (2008)" From  Wendox Source: IMDB - Dina Meyer an...