Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ed Sullivan Show; Jim Morrison & The Doors- Light My Fire (1967)

Source:Kill Matic- The Lizard King Jim Morrison: on The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1967.

Source:The New Democrat  

"The Doors Light My Fire Ed Sullivan 1967. I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO."  

Source:The New Democrat- The Lizard King Jim Morrison: up close and perhaps too personal, on The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1967.

Before I make Jim Morrison look real bad here I'll say that this was one of The Doors best performances ever even as short as it was. The Lizard King (and I say that for a reason) was at the top of his game with the vocals and everyone played very well.

But if you watch the video (and you are not blind) you see something real obvious and may get to thinking: "what the hell". (Or something stronger than that) Because you see Morrison in his classic black leather suit. Nothing strange there from him, but with a big fact erection sticking out of his leather jeans.

I don't know how you go out on stage with that sticking out and that is assuming you are sober. And perhaps The Lizard King wasn't and this was one of the reasons why he was The Lizard King. Because he was so out there and not just wore the black leather jeans at most of his performances. But his leathers were so skin-tight and revealing that anything that got him excited sexually was going to be seen by a lot of people and this case being on Sullivan by millions of people.

And this  happened to The Lizard King in one of the most public places possible on Ed Sullivan on national TV on Sunday night in 1967.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Kanaal Van Datruiktumeneer: The Doors- Live at The Roadhouse (1968)

Source:Kanaal Van Datruiktumeneer- The Lizard King Jim Morrison: Live at the London Roadhouse, in 1968.

Source:The New Democrat  

"THE DOORS @ ROUNDHOUSE 1968 RARE COLOUR FOOTAGE + SOUND !!!. Live @ the Roundhouse 7 september 1968 London, England." 

From Kanaal Van Datruiktumeneer
Source:The New Democrat- The Lizard King Jim Morrison.

At least the early part of this concert sounds like the Oliver Stone version of The Doors from 1991 with Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison. With The Lizard King drunk and wasted and barely being able to stand up and move around without losing his balance. And giving an awful performance in Miami, Florida and finally getting frustrated and starts cursing at the audience. Which is a true story and one of the few things that the Oliver Stone movie portrayed accurately. The New Haven concert would be another one. 

The actual Live in London concert was very good and you get to Jim Morrison and The Doors (as I call them) at their best. With The Lizard King at his best in his classic rock and roll uniform the black leather suit, concho belt and cowboy boots that he put on the rock and roll map himself. Which is about an hour long that I have on DVD. They play everything and Morrison is brilliant on the vocals and very entertaining as well.

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