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Leather Beauty: Catherine Fulop- in Tight Leather Jeans & Boots

Source:Lady Channel- Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop, in her skin-tight black leather jeans.

Source:The Daily Post 

"Sexy Catherine Fulop tight leather jeans" 

From the Lady Channel 

"Sexy Catherine Fulop tight leather jeans"

Source:Lady Channel- Venezuelan Goddess Catherine Fulop, in her skin-tight black leather jeans.

From Lady Channel 

"Another post from "A" if you checked out my other blog LB2 you'll find he's been helping me get back to the blog- here's some screencaps of Catherine Furlop starring in a Argentine Drama Dejate querer (Which translates as" Let Yourself Be Loved") .. not sure what I'll do with LB2 (it's kind of like a back up blog) but I realized there were gaping holes in some of the posts so I thought it's probably for the best I return to these pages." 

Source:Leather Beauty- Venezuelan Goddess Catherine Fulop, in her skin-tight black leather jeans.

From Leather Beauty 

"Another post from "A" if you checked out my other blog LB2 you'll find he's been helping me get back to the blog- here's some screencaps of  Catherine Furlop starring in a Argentine Drama Dejate querer (Which translates as" Let Yourself Be Loved") .. not sure what I'll do with LB2 (it's kind of like a back up blog) but I realized there were gaping holes in some of the posts so  I thought it's probably for the best I return to these pages."  

"Catherine Fulop de calça de couro"

Source:Anonymously- Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop, in her skin-tight, black leather jeans and boots.

From Anonymously 

This is from a 1990s Venezuelan soap opera that Catherine Fulop was on. I believe this scene takes place at her home on that show, but I don’t know much about it.

Source:The Lady Channel- Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop, in skin-tight leather jeans.
Several different looks at Venezuelan actress/goddess Catherine Fulop in her skin-tight, black leather jeans, that wore on that show in the 1990s. But that’s about all I know about this photo.

Source:Leather Beauty- check out Catherine Fulop.

From Leather Beauty

I have to hand it to any attractive, sexy woman, who is even willing to wear skin-tight, leather jeans. Especially skin-tight, black leather jeans. If you want to know what skinny leather pants look like, they're leather jeans. They look just like skinny denim jeans, but made from leather instead of denim. 

The thing about skin-tight leathers is they're very revealing and make people look really honest about themselves. 

If you are someone like a Catherine Fulup when it comes to women physically and you have the long beautiful, tight legs, and big, beautiful, tight, round butt, you are going to look like a Goddess in black leather jeans. 

If you are underweight, perhaps you don't have much of an appetite, perhaps you have high metabolism, you are terrified of food, perhaps even allergic to it and struggle to keep on weight and muscle, you are going to look like a stick-figure in skinny leather or denim jeans. 

If you are overweight or obese, perhaps I don't have to fill you in as far as how fat, ridiculous, disgusting even, you are going to look in skinny leather or denim jeans. 

The reason why skin-tight, leather jeans have never really caught on in mainstream, pop culture for women, outside of rock and biker culture, and few famous, popular celebrities from time to time, is that a lot of women don't have the look for those pants, or aren't willing to take the risk as far as how they would look in those pants in public. Perhaps they are even worried about looking too sexy in them and getting checked out constantly, sort of like wearing a mini-skirt and heels to the office. 

But American women, or least sexy American women, have always at least since the late 1970s with the start of the designer jeans revolution have always been comfortable showing off their bodes in skin-tight denim jeans. And with designer jeans coming back in the late 1990s with the low-rise and skinny jeans in the 2000s, with curves and strong legs becoming so popular and still are today, American women are now more than comfortable showing off their bodes in skinny denim jeans, especially with how versatile denim is with you being able to dress denim jeans up or down. 

So when you see a woman like a Catherine Fulop out in public in skin-tight, black leather jeans, or see someone like that on TV or in a movie and you are a guy, you should be very thankful that she's even willing to dress like that in public and take note of it. Because it might be a while before you see another woman like that who is dressed like that again. 

Inter Planet Living: Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation Breakdown: Sydney, Australia

Source:Inter Planet Living- Janet Jackson, Up Close and Personal in Sydney. 
Source: The New Democrat  

"Janet Jackson performing "Rhythm Nation" - Number Ones: Up Close and Personal - Sydney, 8 November 2011"  

From Inter Planetary Living

Janet Jackson is simply one of if not the sexiest female performers live and in concert. Because she's a not just a singer, but a performer who is also a great dancer. And then you combine that with her beautiful baby-face appearance and the great body and how well she shows off her body and I don't know of a sexy performer right now. 

Janet is so professional and not just great onstage, but the work she does offstage to remain the great performer that she is. If you have a front row seat to a Janet Jackson concert, that seat should be probably worth somewhere around a million dollars. Even if you are not a fan of her music and I like some her songs,  but not all of them, but whatever she's singing, she always looks great singing and performing because of talents and ability to both move and sing as a performer. And all of the work that she does offstage to stay in the great shape she's always been in. 

Jettigree: 'Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me / Androgynous ( Live )'

Source:The New Democrat- Rocker Chick Joan Jett, at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Source:The New Democrat 

"Joan Jett & The Blackhearts -  Do You Wanna Touch Me ( Oh Yeah ) , Androgynous Joan Jett , Kenny Laguna , Dougie Needles , Thommy Price , Enzo. Sinner , Nissan Live Sets 2008" 

Source:Jettigre- Joan Jett, in in concert.

From Jettigre

Joan Jett hasn't been a great rocker chick for the 1970s, or the 1980s, or the 1990s, the 2000s, or today. She's been a great rocker chick for all of those decades and times, because she has a style and brand that is of her own that she has perfected and made work for going on forty years now. 

Joan first hit it big in 1977 or 78 when she was still a teenager and has been going on ever since. And her music is about herself and her own life and what she has experienced. And is real and she isn't someone who tries to be anyone else or has copied anyone else, or has needed to. She's the ultimate American original.

Songs like Hate Myself For Loving You and I love rock and roll, are about her and her own life. Her own experiences and not some copycat of some other performer that has made it big, or has just made it big and trying to copy of that so they sound hot or cool as well. 

Joan will never be mistaken for a girl band performer, the female version of a boy bander that became popular in the late 1990s. Because she has her own act and her own style. And wouldn't want to be part of that anyway.

Joan Jett is the ultimate rebel with a cause, because there really isn't any other rocker chick you can compare her too. Not least as one who has been nearly as successful and has been as successful for as long as she has. 

I'm not a huge fan of Joan's, I like a few of her songs, but the thing I respect most about her is how real she is and original she is. Who does her own thing whether it is considered hot or awesome by the pop culture establishment, or not. And she's taken a lot os risks and has been very successful as a result.

Leathered Life: Sexy Women in Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life- Lathered Life model Lena, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.
Source: The New Democrat

"Many girls in leather pants." Originally from Leathered Life.

Love Lena, the beautiful baby-face adorable curvy brunette in this video. To me at least she's the top model at this web site, I guess called Leathered Life. Sarah, very beautiful and cute, but sort of has an average body and none of the other models in this video got much of my attention. But Lena is pretty special and a goddess in black leather jeans and looks great in those jeans with boots as well. And I just wish this was more footage of her and that she did other projects.

Leather jeans at least on women, are a lot more popular in Europe than in America. American women love skinny denim jeans and even skin-tight skinny denim jeans. But if they wear leather pants at all, they tend to be like dress slacks or leggings. Leather jeans outside of biker and hard rock culture, are not that popular in America. Leathered Life and the company Miss Sixty that makes leather and denim jeans are the exception to that. But leather jeans for men and women are pretty popular in Europe

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Tammy Rose: 'Hot Biker Babes Take on The Boys'

Source:Tammy Rose- biker men vs biker babes.
Source:The New Democrat 

"Real Riders, Real Friends, Real Stories' Chopper Show Promo." 

From Tammy Rose

Professional career women and no not that kind of professional women that you might be thinking about, (stop thinking with your dick) but real professional women who have college degrees and are perhaps cops, teachers, doctors, construction workers, bankers and so-forth. Who work hard and are productive during the day and week. But also no how to have a good time at night. Beautiful sexy biker babes on the weekend and perhaps at night. 

This is what sexy women look like and are. Not that all sexy women are biker women, but women who are intelligent and do not need to be sexy to make a good living. Do not need to work on a street corner trying to sell their bodies and satisfy their pimp. Or have to work at a strip club to make a good living, but real women  with real intelligence. Who also happen to be beautiful and sexy and are because they take care of themselves and know how to have a good time. 

Janet Jackson: If, Scream & Rhythm Nation

Source:Elio Blas- Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, from Paris, France in 2011.

Source:The New Democrat 

"Janet performing 'If+Scream+Rhythm Nation' at L'Olympia in Paris 27/06.
Amazing concert!!" 

From Elio Blas
Source:The New Democrat- Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, from 2011.

Just to speak very personally and frankly for a minute and then I'll go back to being a distant lier (Ha, ha) but checking out Janet Jackson up close and personal, which was the title of this album, feels like a great Christmas gift. With that voice, that body, her in those tight Levis black denim jeans, the boots, that belt, the tight black t-shirt, makes me want to get down on my knees and thank God I'm a man. Or at the very least get down on my knees and scream, yes!!! At the top of my lungs.

Janet is one of the cutest, sexiest, sweetest, singers and performers you'll ever see and she's still only like forty-eight years old. Obviously not a little girl anymore, just with a face that makes her as cute as a little girl. And then you throw in that she's a hell of a writer and singer who sings about her real life as a person and what is going on in the world around her. As attractive as she is. her professional talents as a dance, singer and writer or just as great.

Janet Jackson is not a one-hit wonder or a bimbo whose famous because of who her father is. And there are plenty of women and men who are and I'm sure you are already aware of this, unless you've grown up in Afghanistan or some place that is completely isolated from the world. There are plenty of people who are famous because of their parents. Janet comes from a great music family, but she's been as successful as she's been unlike some of her siblings because she's a great talented performer.

Alannah Myles: Black Velvet (1990)

Source:Alannah Myles- Black Velvet (1990)

Source:The New Democrat 

“Music video for Black Velvet performed by Alannah Myles .”  

Source:The New Democrat- Alannah Myles Black Velvet music video.

I first saw Alannah Myles black velvet in late 1990 or early 1991 when I was a freshmen in high school. And I was blown away by the video. The blues rock sound was about as good as anything I’ve ever heard from Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen, my two favorite blues rock artists.

I was also blown away about how sexy Alannah looked in the video. The concert footage of the video with her in that black leather motorcycle jacket and the black leather chaps, over black denim jeans and the black leather biker boots. She looked like a classic rocker chick in the video and the way rocker chicks should look.

VH1 played this video from when it came out in 1989-90, to early 1992 or so and the song did very well. But the thing that I’ve never understood about Alannah is how come her career isn’t bigger.

With that beautiful blues sounding voice that goes great with blues and classic rock and how well written Black Velvet was written. I’m not an expert on the music business obviously, but you would think those qualities and her beautiful sexy look, would’ve led to more opportunities.

Alannah Myles career to me at least is a “what could’ve had been”. Because she is a talented writer and singer, but her career just quite hasn’t taken off. Joan Jett who I do like, whose been in the business going on forty years now, is not as good as Alannah. They have slightly different sounds and Joan is more of punk rocker than Alannah. But Alannah has a better voice and has better music, but right now over twenty years later , she’s basically a one hit wonder. She is known for Black Velvet and that is about it.

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Bel Jim: Carol Vorderman- 'Tight Top & Tight Levi's Jeans'

Source:Bel Jim- British Denim Diva Carol Vorderman, in her Levi's jeans and boots.
Source:The New Democrat 


From Bel Jim

Carol Vorderman is this very sexy beautiful British woman who is like fifty-four years old now. But probably looks and acts like a woman in her mid thirties or around forty. She is a celebrity talk show and game show host in Britain, or at least was one at one point. Not sure what she is doing now, but she is very popular in Britain and pretty popular internationally for her physical appearance. The way she looks and the way she presents herself.

She is known for short tight tops and wearing skin-tight denim and leather jeans as well. And she wears boots with them and wears these tight sexy outfits on her shows and when she's out in public a lot. Haven't seen many women fill out a pear of classic Levis tight skinny jeans better than Carol Vorderman and if she's doesn't get a guys attention in those outfits, not many other women will. And she is a pleasure to check out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Total Tight Jeans: Amanda- in Tight Black Denim Levi's

Source:Total Tight Jeans- Amanda, in her black denim Levi's.
Source:The New Democrat


The second time I've seen this woman named Amanda in her classic black Levi's. The problem I have with this video, is that it is forty-seconds. But even in that short amount of time you see beautiful sexy curvy woman looking great in black Levis. 

Women know men very well as far as what men like especially when it comes to women. And this video is a perfect example of that, with this very sexy women in her classic Levi's with the great body.

Seeing a woman like this makes me want to get down on my knees and thank God I'm a man. And keep in mind, I'm an Agnostic, but seeing a woman like this could make a man rethink his religious affiliation. Could bring to sight to a blind man and perhaps even change a gay man. And get him to thinking: "OMG! What have I've been missing all of these years?" A perfect woman physically where the perfect Levi's jeans. Not much more than a guy can ask for. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Robert Carter: 'Sexy Women in Tight Denim Jeans Slideshow'

Source:Robert Carter- Sexy Cassandra, in her classic Levi's. 
Source:The New Democrat 

"Girls in tight jeans slideshow." 

From Robert Carter

Love the woman in the Levis jeans especially. I first saw her on a web site back in like late 2009 called something to the affect of, Girls in Denim Jeans, something like that. She's called Sexy Cassandra, I doubt that is her real name. I mean seriously, who would name their daughter Sexy as her first name. I mean what sober sane person would do that, unless you're raising your daughter to be a porn star. Perhaps you're a porn king or pimp or something. I've seen several photos of Cassandra in her classic Levis. And she looks like a goddess in them and has a real nice body and proud of it and proud to show it.

A real sexy woman to me at least who takes care of herself with a real nice body. Doesn't starve herself, or unable to fill herself up to the point of obesity. But a sexy woman who takes care of herself and proud of her body to the point that she wants the world to see it. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kire Schneider: Beautiful, Sexy Women, With Curve Appeal

Source:Lovely Lesean- talk about curve appeal.

Source:The Daily Times 


There are a  lot of things to me that can make women sexy. But it mostly gets to how they carry themselves. How they act and if they are just being themselves, whoever they are. Thats more impressive to me, even if they are as dull as a glass of milk, then a woman trying to be someone else, even a woman who’s very impressive.

Intelligent women who know who they are and are intelligent. And actually like themselves, which might be the most important part of all. But then are also attractive, pretty or better, beautiful would be even better. Gorgeous which to me anyway is a step above beautiful and then hot which beats them all. And of course very cute, but in a sexy way, so she’s definitely a grown up. But looks younger than she is and is sexy and not cute like a little girl.

And throw in a real body, not an obese woman who can’t see her feet and doesn’t know what it’s like to have a full stomach. And doesn’t even know how to exercise, let alone exercises. Or a rail thin woman who doesn’t eat full meals and if anything drinks too much water. Who doesn’t work out to keep herself in shape and essentially starves herself. Women like that aren’t sexy to me either. Real women have curves and real women are sexy. Because they love and take care of themselves.

A beautiful if not gorgeous sexy cute well-built woman, who eats full balanced meals, works out stays in shape and then knows how to showcase her body, not to be a slut or look like a whore, but knows she’s sexy and likes guys and of course they’ll like her, if they aren’t blind and like women, then you’re talking about a very sexy woman, a beautiful, cute, well-built, intelligent, confident woman. Who’s real and not trying to be anyone else. Because she loves her own skin.

Tampa Harley Group: 'Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Boots For Women'

Source:Tampa Harley Group- THG Biker Chick. 
Source:The New Democrat  

"H-D® Performance footwear Boots & Shoes by Wolverine - P/N 98711-14VW

Complete your look from head to toe with H-D® Performance footwear by Wolverine. The Auburn Boots look great on or off the bike and include features such as:

Full grain leather upper

Full length cushion sock lining

Goodyear® welt construction - the most durable method for bonding the sole to the boot

YKK® locking inside zipper ensures that your boots stay zipped

Oil-resistant rubber outsole

Shaft height: 9"; Heel height: 1.5"

Wolverine style number: D86222" 

What goes better for sexy biker women with their biker jeans than biker boots. Riding boots, brown and biker leather with the metal decoration, I'm not sure what you call those things on the foot of the boots. Sexy biker women with great legs and a great butt, showing those assets off with their sexy riding boots. No secret why guys love biker women, it is like checking ourselves out. Except that we aren't checking out guys, but beautiful sexy biker women on their bikes.

Another thing I love about biker women is that they are real. They aren't stick figures, or large dykish tom boy lesbian looking women. (Pardon my language) But they are real women who eat real food, who are real feminine, who take care of themselves and workout because they have to because of the lifestyles that they live. The woman in this video is the perfect example of that and what a real biker woman looks like. Very feminine and sexy who can also probably handle a bike as well as many guys.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sexy Dallas Party Girls

Source:The Daily Times- Beautiful, sexy party girls.
Source:The Daily Times

Love the three women in this photo who all look like they’re going out to party. Perhaps they changed at work from their work clothes on a Friday and headed down to the club after work. Or maybe they went home quickly to change before going back out. Of course I love the woman in the middle the most with he black leather belt, big belt buckle, the skin-tight denim jeans, in black leather boots. She definitely looks like the typical, beautiful, sexy, party girl in the look that became very popular in America in the mid 2000s.

From Google 

Very sexy women who knows how to get guys attention. They have great bodies and knows how to show it off with legs and a butt that look like they were designed for skinny jeans and boots. They would look great in both skinny denim and leather jeans.

This is what sexy women look like, at least to me. Not pale, rail-thin, valley looking girls. Or women with the so-called ghetto booties that look like they have a couple of basketball balls for an ass.

Sexy women are physically healthy and take care of them self at least to the point where they can afford to go out and get waisted and let it all hang out with out a lot of damage coming to them. Because they keep in good shape and work out and then reward themselves and guys as well by how they present themselves in the tight jeans and boots and showing off their bodies and moving around on those outfits.

Central Florida Live: Sexy Party Girls- Going Crazy At The Bar

Source:Central Florida Live- “Exclusive Drunk – Girls Shocking Behavior."
Source:The Daily Times

"Drunk girls getting crazy in bars, nightclubs, outside. Dancing on bars, kissing, falling down, getting crazy. You won't see this anywhere else."

From Central Florida Live

About 10-15 years ago there was a show on the cable network E that was called Wild On, that was hosted by Brooke Burke. And they would literally go around the world looking for the wildest and craziest places to party. And would interview people there and they would especially cover what are called wild party girls. Very sexy young women who have a lot to drink and then go off and have a great time partying.

In 2003-04 there was a syndicated show called Club-TV, that would do similar things and have similar coverage. But it was exclusively based in America and they would go to the wildest bars and you would see the wildest women, women who probably aren’t even thirty-years old left having a lot to drink and going off that night. This is what this video reminds me of and as a guy it is a great thing to see and I’m glad there are sexy women willing to be this crazy in public.

Tampa Harley Group: 'Harley Davidson- Women's Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans for Sale'

Source:Tampa Harley Group- THG biker chick. Now are there any more questions to why guys love women in their skin-tight jeans?
Source:The New Democrat

"Harley Davidson Women's Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans for Sale for sale at Harley-Davidson of Brandon, 9841 E. Adamo Dr, Tampa, FL  33619 888.328.0960 or click www.hdflorida.com:Harley Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Women's Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans - P/N 99181-12VW
There is nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans. Unless they are a great fitting pair of Harley-Davidson® jeans, that is. Our low-rise bootcut jeans have the right amount of stretch for a sexy and slimming fit that won't over-stretch. The button-flap back pockets add detail worthy of a second (maybe even a third) look.
99% cotton, 1% spandex
Low-rise fit is straight through hip and thigh
19-1/2" bootcut leg opening
Classic 5-pocket styling with signature Harley-Davidson® back pocket embroidery
Embroidered Harley-Davidson® graphics on inside waistband
Small embossed leather patch on back waist
Available in 30" (petite), 32" (regular) and 34" (tall) inseams...

Tampa Harley Group

Aw, so that is why biker women and biker men where the tight denim and leather jeans so much when they are riding, well this one reason: to protect their legs from the heat that the engines on their bikes give off. But also lets face, biker women tend to be sexy and they are sexy because they take care of themselves and keep themselves in shape.

For one, they have to so they are strong enough to live the lifestyle that they do, like with their long biking trips. But also let's face it: sexy women  look great in tight denim jeans. Skinny and low-rise jeans and when they are both skinny and low-rise without being too revealing.

And then you put them on bikes and at the biker rallies, with their biker boots and you have very sexy women in great outfits on their bikes. Which makes them very attractive and why guys love biker women so much. The beautiful sexy biker woman in this video is a perfect example of that.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sam Thomas: Ysave Chen

Source:Sam Thomas- Ysave Chen in jeans in boots.

Source:The Daily Times 

"Ysavè in Jeans and Thigh High Boots" 

For the last ten years or so we’ve seen a lot of women going out at night and partying in tight denim jeans. Because they like to show off their tight bodies, no better way of doing that with pants than tight denim jeans. Especially tight dark wash denim jeans, while not being naked or wearing a mini skirt or short shorts. Clothing that might not be practical in cold winter weather in the Northeast and Midwest.

But tight denim jeans are practical all year around especially at night. But even as sexy as they are seeing a sexy women in tight denim jeans are from a guys point of view. I doubt for women they are very comfortable in hot humid summer weather that’s very common in the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Mid South and Midwest. But they are still very common even in that weather as well.

They last 5-6 years we’ve also seen tight denim jeans on women worn with what I would call sexy boots. Leather boots and suede boots, especially leather boots with their tight denim jeans. We’ve seen women wear their boots over their jeans and under their jeans. The boots under tight denim jeans look has been around for over thirty years. With women and men, but the tight jeans in boots look for women, which was popular in the late 70s and early 80, came back into style around 2005-06.

Sexy women love this look, for one its very stylish, but also its very sexy. It’s a great way for women, especially well-built women with tight curves. To show off their legs and butt and to get guys attention. Because of how tight they are and how they highlight women’s bodies. And as a guy I thank sexy women for this everyday for being willing to show men what they are working with.

A&E: Shipping Wars- Horse Ranch: Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan

SourceA&E- Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan.
Source:The Daily Times 

“Jen visits her aunt’s horse farm and talks about her love for horses.” 

Source:A&E- Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan.

From A&E

I gotta be honest as a guy, (for a change) I’m not a fan of Shipping Wars on A&E. But I do watch the show occasionally (like when I have nothing better to do and I’m wide awake) and I do like Jennifer Brennan.

Jennifer Brennan I guest one of the contestants on the show, but they really aren’t playing. They do this for a living, they buy stuff online that people have to sell and perhaps getting rid of. And they make their money by selling what they buy online for a profit. But they have to compete with each other in order to see who gets to buy and then try to sell the purchase. Sort of like an online auction.

Jennifer Brennan plays or I guess is this cowgirl or cowgirl wannabe who lives I believe in the South. Who is into a lot of Western style I guess products. And she looks like an acts like a cowgirl with the style, the way she talks, what she drives and how she carries herself.

She’s also highly annoying and adorable as the other players on the show would probably tell you. But very entertaining at the same time, and very attractive and sexy which makes the show (at times) worth watching for me.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sam Thomas: Ysave Chen- Jeans in Boots

Source:Sam Thomas- beautiful woman in jeans in boots.
Source:The Daily Times

The tight denim jean look has become so versatile the last ten years or so, that we now see sexy women wearing tight denim jeans in all sorts of settings. Wearing them in all sorts of outfits. Sexy women are now wearing tight denim jeans at the office, perhaps not everyday, but at the office. Where the settings there tend to be somewhat conservative and formal.

Sexy women wear them of course on the weekend, which has been around for over thirty years. Like when they are going shopping or going to museums or out to breakfast or lunch, even out to dinner. But they dress them up with a long sleeve t-shirt, blouse or sweaters. We see sexy women wearing tight denim jeans with suit Jackets, to work as well as other places.

Like out to dinner, we see sexy women going out and partying in tight denim Jeans, dressed up, but with also with tank tops and T Shirts. We see sexy women all over the place in tight denim jeans, at the airport, train station, library, book stores, ball games, concerts, almost everywhere. Tight denim jeans are no longer just considered to be casual pants, but instead they are now versatile. And of course my favorite, tight denim jeans with boots, under or over and with leather Jackets and tight t-shirts or tank tops.

From a guys point of view, the versatility of tight denim jeans and seeing sexy women wearing them with boots, is a beautiful thing because now we can see sexy women all over the place wearing this great combination.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling: The Knockouts Brawl On Impact

Source:TNA Impact- Mickie James vs Tara. They are too cute to be so bad.
Source:The Daily Post 

“Subscribe to the Global Wrestling Network for more than 1000 hours of classic and current IMPACT Wrestling matches and events! Start your 30-day free trial now… 

From TNA Impact Wrestling

When I was a kid even though my father went out of his way to prevent me from watching pro wrestling because it was staged and winners we’re picked ahead of time and perhaps even for the violence. Even though dad let me watch as many Clint Eastwood and other action movies as I wanted to I managed to watch the WWF, WCW and the AWA almost every week. And several times each week because they were on multiple channels kind of like today. I was definitely a pro wrestling junky as a kid I couldn’t get enough of it. Sort of how I feel about politics, current affairs and history today.

Even as a young adult and now as someone and this is a little hard to admit to, but now as Gen-Xer in his mid 30’s the generation is not hard to admit to but, the age I was still a fan, but didn’t feel the urge to watch it every week. I sort of grew out of it like a boy grows out of wanting to build forts or wanting to eat junk food all the time. I’m not a TNA expert obviously, but back in 2003 or 2004 former WCW wrestler Jeff Jarrett along with former WWF and WWC wrestler Kevin Nash and a few other former WCW and WWF wrestlers launched a new pro wrestling organization called Total Non Stop Action or TNA. Because the WWE had a monopoly on the Pro Wrestling market.

TNA recruited other former WWE wrestlers like Scot Steiner, Sting and a few others and they discovered others like Samoan Joe. At first TNA was probably a minor league outfit barely making a profit if any. But within a few years they already had their own pay per view events. And a weekly cable show on Spike TV that was drawing ratings. And now today they are probably a legitimate competitor with WWE. Even though WWE is clearly still on top, but TNA has clearly managed to make money and to recruit several wrestling stars away from the WWE. Like Kurt Angle who pound for pound and height for height is probably the best pro wrestler in the world today. And their top-level wrestlers could probably compete with the top-level wrestlers of the WWE today.

To speak about this video for a moment: I don’t watch pro wrestling on a regular basis anymore. But going through Google Reader to look for things to read (which is the whole point of Google Reader) which is how I saw this video for the first time. But this video is a little more than nine minutes long with six beautiful, sexy, well-built women all wearing tight sexy outfits. Look like they are beating the hell out of each other. I think they did a good job of making it seem real and it would probably seem real in a movie as well. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barb Wire (1996) Staring Pamela Anderson

Source:Alamy Stock Photo- Temuera Morrison & Pamela Anderson.
Source:The Daily Post  

“Temuera Morrison, Pamela Anderson Lee Dann taucht Barb Wires (Pamela Anderson Lee) alte Liebe Axel Hood (Temuera Morrison) auf, um in einer dringenden Mission…  


Source:Alamy Stock Photo- Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire.

From Alamy Stock Photo 

“Barb Wire was released in theaters on May 3, 1996, the David Hogan directed film starred Pamela Anderson, Temuera Morrison, Victoria Rowell, Jack Noseworthy, Xander Berkeley, Udo Kier, Andre Rosey Brown, Nicholas Worth, Clint Howard, Jennifer Banko and Steve Railsback.” 

Source:Coming Attractions- Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire.

From Coming Attractions

Barb Wire is not my favorite movie of all-time not even close, (no kidding) but its a very entertaining movie and pretty funny as well with a lot of good action scenes in it. With Pamela Anderson in a lot of good scenes as a very sexy rebel biker chick. This is the best I’ve ever seen Pam look, she was of course alway gorgeous and baby-face adorable with her sweet voice as always. But she showed me something that I haven’t seen from her before. A sexy body, not just from top up but a lower body as well. She looked incredible in her black leather suit, she filled out those black leather jeans very well and look great in the black leather biker boots.

I’m a guy who will watch a mediocre, even a bad movie, if it has a sexy woman in it. Or several sexy women in it and without Pam Anderson in Barb Wire and replace her with an average looking lead actress. (Juliane More) Barb Wire would be a mediocre movie, even if the lead actress does a great job. But Pam Anderson didn’t just look great in the movie, but she did a great job in it as well. As a charming woman, but someone you don’t want to mess with because she’ll kick your ass. In the late 1990s when she was in VIP, she played a character that came off as somewhat clueless and a stereotypical blonde bimbo.

But Pam Anderson in VIP her character owned and ran the protection agency. But in Barb Wire she played someone who was clearly in charge and someone who ran the show and knew exactly what was going on and could defend herself as well. Barb Wire is clearly not a great movie, but it’s a very entertaining movie with a very sexy lead actress in it. Who also does a very job in and is worth watching.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Fall Guy Featuring Heather Thomas

Source:Brendan Cashell- Heather Thomas and Douglass Barr, from ABC's The Fall Guy.
Source:The Daily Post

"Girl offering coffee in very tight jeans." 

From Brenda Cashell

Apparently Brendan Cashell is not familiar with Heather Thomas or The Fall Guy, even though he uploaded a photo about her and the show: interesting. 

"Heather Thomas - The Fall guy S3 E22 Old Heroes never die"

Source:Lou Reed- Douglas Barr & Heather Thomas.
From Lou Reed

When I think of the ABC action show The Fall Guy, an action comedy really from the early and mid 1980's, I think of a very entertaining show with an excellent cast especially Lee Majors leading the way. Who was a great action comedic actor similar to Burt Reynolds or Clint Eastwood and also a very funny man not only on the Fall Guy. But since he was somebody who could kick ass as well as make you laugh on the same show. The Fall Guy had a great 4x4 Chevy pickup truck with a very powerful engine and the ability to jump like a sports car.

It was set in Los Angeles with Lee Majors playing a full-time stunt man who would moonlight as a bounty hunter when his job as a stunt man was slow to make extra money. And the two roles I thought went very well together because he could combine the roles very well. The show also had a gorgeous very sexy adorable blonde who played a stunt woman/bounty hunter. Heather Thomas who always looked sexy and wore skin-tight denim jeans on that show most of the time probably as often as Raechel Ray. Not with the type of body as Rachael Ray, but still looking very sexy.

The Fall Guy was probably the first of several action/comedies slash dramas in the 1980s later to be followed by Matt Houston, The A-Team, Dukes of Hazard was still around at this point. Magnum PI, Knight Rider shows that had very versatile actors and actress's with producers, directors and writers that wanted to show their cast's full abilities as actors. Charlie's Angels would be another one and following it in this period myself it was a time when network TV was actually worth watching and not loaded with cookie-cutter sitcoms or so-called reality TV.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mark Nowhereman: 'Biker Chick Heidi Runyon- OutTakes'

Source:Mark Nowhereman- Biker Chick Heidi Runyon.
Source:The Daily Post 

“Proper body positioning on a sportbike when cornering
(Canyon Riding) Demonstrated by a real biker chick. Click the link below... 

Here are outtakes from Heidi who apparently is a motorcycle instructor or at least a woman who rides motorcycles and perhaps helping her friend Mark out in shooting this video about how to ride motorcycles. She seems very adorable certainly looks adorable, but is she the cutest biker in the world. I couldn't tell you since I haven't seen all of the biker chicks in the world. (ha ha) But she's certainly a beautiful baby-face biker chick who I'm sure Mark loved working with.

Checking out girls on bikes is like checking out girls who are cowgirls or construction workers or playing guitar or on stage performing. It's checking out women who do traditional at least straight man oriented activities and sort  of looking at ourselves, but seeing beautiful sexy feminine women instead and most at least that I know of love seeing women do these activities that is sexy feminine women especially when they are this cute as well.  

Lifetime: The Boy Next Door (2008) Starring Dina Meyer

Source: SJ Klein - Dina Meyer and Woody Jeffreys. "The Boy Next Door (2008)" From  Wendox Source: IMDB - Dina Meyer an...