Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jeans Leder Nass: Wetlook Levis

Source:Jeans Leder Nass- Beautiful, sexy woman in her Levi's denim suit and boots, all wet in the tub.
Source:The New Democrat

"A video out of 2001,wetlook in Levis Jeans and high heel boots in the tube.
The girl loves to be wet in her casual outfit of the day including her boots, only some little comments from the man behind the cam."

From Jeans Leder Nass 

Here’s a woman who I guess feels very horny in her skin-tight jeans, perhaps especially her skin-tight Levi’s denim jeans and wants everyone else to see that and perhaps get off on that and be as horny with her. Can’t say I blame her because she’s a great denim diva.

Source:Jeans Leder Nass-  German woman, I believe in Berlin, Germany, taking a bath in her skin-tight, Levi's, denim jeans. Love the studded belt and boots as well.

This is one of those posts I put for for my guilty pleasures. It is that simple, I love the woman in this video as far as how she performed in this video and how she looked in her wet Levi's denims and boots with her studded belt and denim suit all around.

I'm not going to try to convince that there is some broader role for society, or try to make the case that this post has anything to do with the greater good for society. Or any other, well, bullshit like that. This post is purely for the pleasure of it for myself and anyone who gets to check it out as well. The video and hopefully like my candor about the video.

A very sexy woman in a classic Levi's suit with black leather boots, taking a bath in her suit and moving around in the bathtub in this outfit as she's getting soaked in her Levis suit. Not saying that this has some type of artistic quality or value other than letting guys get off and enjoy it.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

HSN: The List With Colleen Lopez

Source:HSN- The List with Colleen Lopez.
Source:The New Democrat

“Colleen takes the guesswork out of shopping for fashion and jewelry. Watch HSN every Thursday at 9pm ET & 6pm PT to see what you’ll add to your list!

Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price.”

From HSN

This photo is from Colleen Lopez’s Facebook page (I’m sure you can find it yourself) and she had her photo taken with one of the women who frequently appear on her HSN show to sell their products. 

Source:Facebook- Coleen Lopez & a friend.

Colleen Lopez’s best, not saying she’s as attractive as Raquel Welch. But when she where’s her hair a certain way, she reminds me of Raquel Welch. As a beautiful, adorable, sexy woman, who also has more than just great looks.

The lets say short-haired, but not butch tomboy dykish lesbian look, but where the hair goes down to the woman’s shoulders or so, when Colleen wears her hair like that, she’s beautiful and very cute, but in a sweet, grownup, sexy, way. Not like a little, baby-faced. cutie, little girl way, who several HSN hosts look like right now.

In some ways Colleen reminds me of the gorgeous Deidre Hall on Days of Our Lives. But not as pretty or as cute as Deidre, but with similar qualities. Tall, curvy, great body, beautiful, good sense of humor and personality, and very cute. I just like Deidre more, but Colleen is a very attractive woman.

Lifetime: The Boy Next Door (2008) Starring Dina Meyer

Source: SJ Klein - Dina Meyer and Woody Jeffreys. "The Boy Next Door (2008)" From  Wendox Source: IMDB - Dina Meyer an...