Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cuiro Phile: Unknown Biker Babe- In Head To Toe Leather

Source: Cuiro Phile- Unknown biker chick-
Source: FRS Daily Post Plus

I have no idea what show this is and it does look like a show and not a movie. But base on the accents I have to say this is British TV and perhaps BBC. Which is a shame and not that it is perhaps BBC or perhaps other British TV, but that it is unknown and that the actress, the biker chick on this show and in this video is unknown. Because she plays a great looking biker chick head to toe in biker leathers. The black leather jacket, the black leather jeans all laced up. A very sexy biker chick leathered up in biker leathers with the jacket, jeans and boots. Would’ve been nice to see her on her bike and riding the bike. As well as getting off her bike in her leathers. But still a very sexy leather biker babe. And just one example why I lover biker women, because they wear and love leather jeans and biker women tend to be very healthy and sexy. And look great in leather jeans and boots.
Cuiro Phile: Unknown Biker Babe in Head To Toe Leather

A&E: Rodeo Girls- A Cowgirl Reality Show

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