Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rick Whitlow: Coyote Ugly- Courtney's Body Shot

Source: Rick Whitlow- Courtney at Coyote Ugly-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal

Source: Rick Whitlow- Courtney at Coyote Ugly 
I never got the point of the Coyote Ugly shots and why that is popular there and why they do that. But I do like watching sexy women lying on the bar. Sexy well-built healthy looking women and checking out their tight legs in tight jeans on the bar. And watching sexy women crawl on the bar. There’s nothing really there to try to understand. It is real obvious to see why that is sexy. Assuming you’re not blind or gay, or a combination of both. Which is really what I was focusing on here in this video and perhaps wishing I was the guy there pouring the whisky or scotch or whatever drink they used to pour into that women’s bellybutton. Because she is obviously a very attractive sexy women who looks great in tight jeans as most if not all sexy women do.
Source: FRS FreeState Now Plus- Two Coyote Ugly girls 

Rick Whitlow: Coyote Ugly- Courtney's Body Shot

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